ASIP (Agrarian Scientific Industrial Park) - Dobrudja

Investment Summary

  • The first industrial park in the country, specializing in value-added agriculture and related processing industries
  • Planned collaboration with academic / scientific partners, to carry out an initial investment in the research laboratory complex (with the potential for certification activities)
  • The project aims to develop the traditions of Bulgaria in agriculture by combining the latest technologies in the sector with its rich resource base
  • The choice of location is a key - close to major roads, port and airport, as well as neighboring countries (EU)
  • The project was initiated and financed by the entrepreneurial group with experience in the financing and management of projects in the country and Europe
  • There is an initial investment of 1.5 - 2 million for Phase 1, which will be increased to 6 - 8 million euros depending on the needs and growth

  • Location:

    General Toshevo, Dobrich, Bulgaria

Key Success Factors

Selected sectors in agriculture and manufacturing with growth potential:

  • Conventional farming: business models, creating high added value - technical and irrigated crops
  • Research and development activities in the field of agriculture: soil analysis, monitoring of crops, plant protection, development of model farms and test laboratories, greenhouses and experimental fields
  • Food industry, the notation of agricultural production, dairy and meat processing, grain processing and bakery
Accompanying industries:
  • Irrigation, fertilizers, production of seeds and planting material
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Financial and marketing services sectors: financial packages to farmers (including the provision of stock and debt financing), marketing platform for organic products and others.
  • Administrative and information services: support in applying for EU grants, preparing for exhibitions, export aid

Intensive sustainable agriculture:

  • Smart specialization in crop production tailored to regional climatic and soil resources
  • Close the loop - livestock and meat processing instead of export of grain crops

Healthy eating and related sectors:

  • Organic certified production
  • Whole grains and other gaining popularity grains - spelled, buckwheat and others.
  • Functional foods, super foods and organic bio-additives

Branding, white-labelling и др.:

  • Direct partnership with distributors and end chains to develop joint brands
  • Positioning in markets that exhibit focused interest in Bulgarian agricultural production - the Middle East, China and others.

Strategic benefits:

  • 10 km from the border with Romania
  • 24 km from the town of Dobrich (population 90,000)
  • 70 km from Varna, the third largest city in the country - a significant port and international airport
  • 40 km from two small Black Sea ports with cargo terminals

Infrastructure and resources:

  • Production of 30% of wheat in the country
  • Significant yields of sunflower, corn, canola and other crops
  • Over 98% of agricultural land is arable
  • Traditions livestock
  • Over 60% of the population is in the working age
  • High unemployment (about 20%) and low levels of remuneration (350 lev / m for unskilled labor)
  • Food production accounts for 45-50% of all processing industries
  • Regionally significant facilities for processing meat, bread and milk in the recent past

Description of the different types of areas and buildings from the park

  • The concept is based on a plot of about 30 hectares in the industrial zone of the town. General Toshevo, partly acquired by the project company
  • The vision of the park is of contemporary design and functionality
  • The concept includes all types of buildings needed to realize the vision:
  1. An office building
  2. Laboratory Complex
  3. Residential Complex
  4. Park and recreation area
  5. Public part
  6. Experimental fields
  7. Logistics center
  8. Parking
  9. Industrial zone
  10. Multipurpose buildings
  11. Multipurpose buildings
  12. Existing buildings
  13. Electrical substation
  14. Forest
  15. Main road access

Project Timeframe